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Don't miss anything about the Veldhoven 2022 World Boccia Challenger. On this page you can easily stream the matches of the show court.

Click on the link below and you can watch all matches live.

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You can also look back at the matches that were played at court 6 during the event. Find the tapes of the matches below!

Tuesday August 2th

Match 1 - BC2M - CZE vs JPN

Match 2 - BC4M - GBR vs BRA

Match 3 - BC1F - FRA vs JPN

Match 4 - BC4F - SLO vs GEO

Match 5 - BC3F - GRE vs IRL

Match 6 - BC2M - AZE vs GEO

Match 7 - BC3M - ITA vs NZL

Match 8 - BC1M - ESP vs BER